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Weight Loss Specialist located in Chicago, IL

Medical weight loss management is based on scientific research that focuses on enhancing the body’s ability to burn off excess fat without causing nutritional deficiencies. Healthy You Weight Loss offers advanced medical weight loss management programs for patients in Chicago, IL, Western Springs, IL, Hinsdale, IL, Oak Lawn, IL, and Evergreen Park, IL, helping them lose weight and enjoy better health and wellness.

Medical Weight Loss Management Q & A

What is medical weight loss management?

Medical weight loss management is a weight loss plan that’s developed by doctors and overseen by a weight loss professional, aimed at helping people achieve their weight loss goals while maintaining optimal health and wellness. Many medical weight loss management programs can be especially helpful in enabling patients with specific medical issues, like heart disease or type 2 diabetes, lose weight while adhering to specific eating plans. And they can also be useful for patients without underlying health issues by ensuring the diet plan is geared toward providing a balanced source of nutrition that supports good health and reduces the risk of nutrient deficiencies.

What’s involved in a medical weight loss program?

Medical weight loss programs begin with a consultation and evaluation appointment to determine the patient’s weight loss goals and to discuss underlying health issues, lifestyle habits, eating preferences and other factors that can have a bearing on losing weight and keeping it off for the long term. If a medical issue or nutritional deficiency is suspected, a physician referral may be recommended to obtain lab testing that can help identify these and other issues. Next, a custom eating plan will be developed based on all of the data gathered during the consultation and evaluation appointment. At Healthy You 365, we use the Ideal Protein Diet, a medically developed diet program that focuses on nutritional education and healthy eating for long-term success and optimal wellness. As patients lose weight, ongoing office visits will help ensure the eating plan evolves with the patient’s needs and goals while also optimizing good nutrition and health.

How can I tell if a medical weight loss program is right for me?

Because they’re highly customized and designed to support optimal nutrition, medical weight loss programs can be ideal for most people, including those with chronic medical conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The best way to decide if a medical weight loss program can be helpful in losing weight is to schedule a consultation to discuss weight loss goals and to be evaluated.