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Kelly Toulios

Weight Loss Specialist located in Chicago, IL

Losing excess weight is important for maintaining good health and preventing serious diseases and medical conditions. At Healthy You Weight Loss specialist Kelly Toulios offers diet and fitness programs and support aimed at helping each patient achieve his or her weight loss goals. Kelly serves patients from Chicago, IL, Western Springs, IL, Hinsdale, IL, Oak Lawn, IL, and Evergreen Park, IL.

Weight Loss Q & A

What medical issues are associated with being overweight or obese?

Being overweight or obese has been linked with several serious medical conditions and diseases including:

  • insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome

  • heart disease

  • high cholesterol and atherosclerosis (“hardening” of the arteries)

  • high blood pressure

  • arthritis

  • type 2 diabetes

  • arthritis

  • depression and mood problems

  • respiratory problems including asthma and sleep apnea

  • hormonal problems

  • dementia

How does the Ideal Protein diet promote weight loss?

Everyone knows the body loses weight by burning off more calories than it consumes, but the weight loss process is actually far more complex. It’s not just how many calories the body receives, but how the way in which it uses up its reserves during the weight loss process. The first reserves to be sued up during weight loss are the carbohydrates. Since much of what we eat contains carbs, those reserves are continually being replenished. Fat reserves aren’t affected until those carb reserves are depleted, so it’s more difficult to lose fat simply by reducing the amount of food we eat. Instead, the amount of carbs consumed has to be strictly managed during weight loss and an additional source of protein must be provided to prevent protein reserves - and lean muscle mass - from being reduced. The Ideal Protein eating plan does just that - restricts carbs, supplies high-quality protein and supports lean muscle mass for more efficient use of calories and much more effective weight loss.

How can you help me stick to a weight loss program?

At Healthy You 365, we work closely with each patient to determine why they’re gaining weight or having difficulty keeping weight off once they lose it, taking into account health issues, lifestyle factors, nutritional deficiencies, and other issues that can affect weight and health. Then we provide patients with the information and education they need to understand why we gain weight and the steps that need to be taken to “reprogram” the body to burn off excess fat. Finally, throughout the weight loss program, patients are seen in the office on a regular basis to help them stay on track and to adjust the diet plan to their needs so it can be as effective as possible.